Medication Pathway

Section C Medication has been suggested


Tim’s parents found that when his medication was first prescribed, it was helpful that:

  • A functional assessment of Tim’s behaviour was carried out first to understand the reasons. A record was kept of the behaviours Tim was displaying, how often and how severe.
  • The GP carried out a health check to rule out any medical problems or pain.
  • The decision to start medication was made jointly and Tim’s parents were listened to.
  • The GP talked the family through how to administer the medication, how it should benefit Tim and the possible side effects.
  • The GP attempted to take blood twice without success as Tim is needle phobic and uncooperative, so a sample was taken during dental surgery under general anaesthetic.
  • A plan was agreed to regularly review how Tim was getting on; what effects the medication was having on him, changes in his behaviour and his health.