Medication Pathway

Section E When medication is being started

Questions to ask

When medication is being started, you could ask your doctor these questions and anything else you would like to know. You may want to write down all the questions and concerns that you have so you do not forget important points during a meeting with the doctor.

Think about whether you still need answers to any questions from Section C.

  • What dose will be given – how has the dose been set?
  • What options (e.g. tablet or liquid form) are there for taking the medication?
  • When should the medication be taken?
  • What should you do if a dose is missed?
  • How often will this medication be reviewed and when is the next review date?
  • What side effects should be looked for and how should these be recorded and monitored?
  • Who should you contact if you notice side effects?
  • How long will the medication be continued?
  • If the medication is shown not to be effective, or there are side effects, how will the medication be stopped and will there be any withdrawal symptoms to manage?