Medication Pathway

About this resource

Medication Pathway

for families of people with learning disabilities, autism or both who are prescribed or may be prescribed psychotropic medication.

This information was created by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, a charity for people with severe learning disabilities* whose behaviour challenges. We’re making a difference to the lives of children and adults across the UK through:

  • providing information about challenging behaviour
  • peer support groups for family carers and professionals
  • supporting families by phone or email
  • running workshops to reduce challenging behaviour
  • speaking up for families nationally

*This information is relevant to families of children or adults who have learning disabilities, autism or both.

This site was funded by NHS England as part of STOMP, a project about stopping the over-medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both.

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The CBF would like to thank everyone who contributed to this resource, in particular the families who informed and checked the content.

Where real people are described in example scenarios, their names have been changed for anonymity.

Artwork by @MendoncaPen.