Medication Pathway

Section C Medication has been suggested

Questions to ask the prescriber

If medication has been suggested for your relative, these questions can help you get a full picture of what would be prescribed, why, whether there are any other options, and what the process of taking the medication would be like. Remember that as a family carer, your views are important and the prescriber should address any concerns you have. Think about asking the following questions during the consultation:

  • What medication is being proposed?
  • Why is the medication being proposed?
  • What diagnosis has been made and how it was arrived at?
  • What change do you think the medication will make?
  • How will we know if the medication is working?
  • Is this the least restrictive option?
  • What are the alternative options to medication?
  • How long would the medication be prescribed for?
  • What side effects are possible and how would these be monitored?
  • What would happen if side effects have a negative impact on quality of life (e.g. over-sedation)?
  • How often would the medication be reviewed?
  • How will the medication be reduced and removed if shown not to be effective? Are there any withdrawal symptoms to be aware of?
  • Where can I find accurate and clear information about this medicine?

You may want to write down all your questions and concerns so you don not forget any important points during a meeting with the prescriber.